The Death Card of the Tarot Deck.

It is probably common knowledge that the card Death does not imply that you its picker dies anytime soon in the future. It is also widely known that this card represents the end and the beginning, revival and reborn.

Before any Tarot professionals start terrorizing me, I just want to make a personal point. That is the end of something cannot possibly occur without a certain amount of…death.

I think many of us youngsters can find ourselves in extra activities that last for a couple of days. We engage in new groups of people and start adjusting to the values of such groups. We undergo the same experience, yet feel it differently from each other. We carefully select what to reveal to others that might improve our temporary connections and carefully enclose the secrets that might result in a fall-out. It is just like building a sandcastle, where too much sand in your hands might cause the fragile construction to collapse.

When the activities come to an end, nostalgia successfully eats the remaining crumbs of our hearts; it has been dining the moment we realize that nothing is forever. We hug, bid farewells and make promises, completely unaware that something inside of us is dying. That something is the versions of yourself that you have created at the beginning of every extra activity. The versions built from your selection in revealing info. One version might never be known as a suicidal kid, another never known as someone with commitment issues. These versions are attempts to bring out the best of you and abstain from outbursts of the worst.  These versions, they die. Many return and resume living their lives in the exact manners although changes can appear in the technical methods of resolving problems.  But, the essence of these versions hardly carries on into our daily basis. It is correct to say that, for a moment, we shine as bright as diamonds without the flaws of coal.

The only way for us to salvage this temporary brightness is probably to revise the memories and not let them go into the land of oblivion. Honor these dying versions of yourself by recalling how they have acted around these friend groups. Somehow, one step at a time, fuse all the best traits of these versions into yourself in order to move on with life.

Death is death, but the dead can be honored, as well.


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